Zuckerberg’s fortune rose by 3.8 billion dollars with an increase of 30% in Facebook stock price

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The founder of the most popular social network has seen his fortune increase by 3.8 billion dollars on the day of the results presentation from Facebook for the second quarter. Revenue rose to 1.81 billion dollars, exceeding analysts’ expectations. The sharp increase made Facebook stock price rise almost 30%.
On the Wednesday evening, Facebook presented the results for the second quarter. On Thursday, the titles of technological fired 29.61%, the highest since May 2012, and Mark Zukergerg became richer, with 3.8 billion dollars to be added to his account in one day.

Results from Wednesday made it public that the revenues of the most popular social network in the world increased by 53% to 1.81 billion dollars in the quarter in question. Earnings, excluding some items were 19 cents per share, while analysts expected earnings of 14 cents per title and sales in the order of 1.62 billion dollars.

The Zuckerberg bet in the market of mobile devices seems to be working. Strong demand for advertising that appears on the screens of mobile phones through the social network application contributed to the revenues and profits of Facebook have exceeded analysts’ forecasts.

“Few people predicted the rate at which all the internet connectivity would go for mobile phones“, said David Kirkpatrick, author of “The Facebok Effect“. “This pace is now very clear,” he adds in a telephone interview with Bloomberg.

The increase in the fortune of the founder of Facebook put him ahead of people like Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer or the chairman of Dell, Michael Dell on Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Currently, Zuckerberg is the forty-second with a fortune estimated at 16.8 billion dollars.

On Friday the Facebook stock price closed at $ 34.44.




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