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The Wolf of Wall Street: Controversy and Box Office success

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It came out in cinemas in the United States on December 25 of 2013 and despite the tons of controversy it has been generating, it’s been quite a Box Office hit so far! We’re obviously talking about Martin Scorsese‘s latest flick, featuring Titanic‘s main star Leonardo Di Caprio: “The Wolf of Wall Street“.

Di Caprio might be the most popular star in this movie, but there’s an actress who managed to draw a lot of attentions on her as well and that’s Margot Robbie [Naomi Lapaglia]. The Australian beauty is caught on camera in several nudity scenes and her sculptural and gorgeous body is leaving no one who watched the movie indifferent.

Margot Robbie: “If there’s ever a time to do nudity in a movie, it has to be in the hands of Martin Scorsese, who is surely going to do it in a tasteful way and not exploiting non-sense nudity.”

The controversy talks came from a a large amount of different angles. The movie is based on the autobiographic book written by Jordan Belford, an ambitious stock broker in the 80’s from Wall Street, precisely the center figure and the main character of this film. The main attacks are based on the argument that “The Wolf of Wall Street” glorifies the use of drugs, exhibits too much profanity and contains excessive sex scenes (it goes from orgies in a workplace, to orgies in airplanes). In fact, the movie even broke Hollywood‘s record for the most times the “F-word” got used during a single movie run-time. It was pronounced 509 times, beating the previous record of “Summer of Sam“, which had 435 occurrences.

Leonardo Di Caprio: “This film might be misunderstood by some people. I honestly hope that the message being passed isn’t one on which we actually condone this behavior, that we’re indicting it. The book was a cautionary tale and if you do wacth the movie right until it ends, you’ll realize the true message we’re passing with the movie, which exposes how intoxicating a world like that can be. I think it’s worth praising the fact that such a renowned director as Martin Scorsese is still producing films that are vital and lead people to talk about it. This one surely has an element of controversy in it and it’s highly appealing to people of my generation. We grew up watching Scorsese‘s movies and he doesn’t cease surprising us after all the years that have passed. It’s quite a remarkable achievement.”

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Margot Robbie and Leonardo di Caprio love scene, in Wolf of Wall Street

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