Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg in 2013

Facebook headquarters to move to New York’s downtown

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Facebook‘s founder Mark Zuckerberg, has decided it was time to switch his company’s headquarters into a new location, provided with a lot more space and conditions. Facebook will move to Manhattan‘s downtown and a total of 30 thousands square meters are planned to be used to serve the company’s needs. Behind this megalomaniac project is the renowned architect Frank Gehry.

The 84-years old Canadian-American is a former Pritzker winner, and this is not the only work on which he is involved with Facebook, as he is also responsible for the company’s expansion into the west coast of the United States.

A source from inside Facebook who is very close to the whole project has publicly stated that the company is very happy with the incredible quality of the drafts that Frank Gehry has come up with so far, as well as with the price that is expected to be charged. The values are yet to be revealed, but we’re sure Zuckerberg will look at it as a great investment in order to keep Facebook on the crest of the technology wave.

The new Facebook offices in New York, in 2013

According to a popular news website called “Mashable“, the building will be provided with plenty of open spaces and a prominent natural lighting. Facebook‘s previous building in New York was opened back in 2008, but the offices where the company currently works have roughly half of the space of the new facilities that are now being prepared for them.

As far as the stock markets concern, Facebook continues under-performing this year, with its stocks plunging -16% since January. The last 30 days have actually contributed immensely for these numbers, since Facebook‘s shares have already dropped -14.69% over this period.

Facebook workers in front of their computers

Sources: mashable.com / cmjornal.xl.pt

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