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The top 10 most expensive football transfers in 2013-2014

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UPDATE: Check out the latest top 10 for the most expensive football transfers in 2014-2015.

It started off as a top 10 when we were still nearly 30 days away from the football’s transfer summer season closure (precisely the time when we started writing this article) but as we crossed the transfer deadline, the list grew and we ended up with a top 16. The money injection coming from several new club owners across Europe (AS Monaco being one of the most recent examples), has led to a market revitalization and for some big spending over the last weeks.

The deadline for most European clubs was set on September 2 (23:00, BST) and we’ve updated this top 10 / top 16 table on a regular basis until the market has finally closed. For that reason, the list ended up including a few more than 10 transfers by the end of the transfer deadline. The last update already includes Mesut Ozil’s signing for Arsenal for example, as well as what has almost been a new world-record transfer fee, with Real Madrid‘s signing of Gareth Bale for a 91 million euros fee (transfer value reports to what is stated in the Spanish press). The record will remain being Cristiano Ronaldo’s 96 million euros transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009.

Last updated: September 3, 2013

The 10 highest football transfers in 2013-2014:


#1 – Gareth Bale
Transfer fee: 91 million euros (2nd biggest tranfer fee in history)
Salary: 7 million euros (per year)
Previous team: Tottenham
New team: Real Madrid
Nationality: Welsh
Age: 24
Short Biography: The Welsh superstar transfer from Tottenham to Real Madrid was officially announced on September 1, 2013, on a reported 91 million euros deal. Tottenham have tried to hold on to Bale in all possible ways, but Madrid‘s big pockets seem to have been enough to convince the London club to give hand of the English Premier League best player from last season. Gareth Bale had a terrific season in 2012-13, scoring 26 goals out of 44 games and proving to be a true key player when the team most needed him. Now at Real Madrid and together with Cristiano Ronaldo, the 24-year old is expected to step up another gear in the Merengues powerful attacking front, but his 91 million euros 2nd world-record transfer fee/tag might become a problem if the Welshman allows the predictable pressure that he’ll be a target of, to build-up on himself.

Gareth Bale, Real Madrid new jersey 2013-2014


#2 – Edinson Cavani
Transfer fee: 64.5 million euros
Salary: 10 million euros (per year)
Previous team: Napoli
New team: PSG
Nationality: Uruguayan
Age: 26
Short Biography: The 26-year old striker arrived in Italy back in 2007, in order to represent Palermo at that time. He scored 34 goals in the Serie A while playing for the Sicilian club, just before moving to Napoli in the 2010 summer, for a reported transfer fee of 17 million euros (5 million euros for the a 1st-year loan, plus another 12 million to buy his services permanently). Cavani would then score 78 goals in the Italian League, from a total of 104 matches played in the Serie A. Despite having recently signed a contract extension with Napoli until 2016, he got transferred to PSG in July 2013 for 64.5 millions euros, making him one of the most expensive footballers ever.

Edinson Cavani, PSG new jersey 2013-2014


#3 – Radamel Falcao
Transfer fee: 60 million euros
Salary: 14 million euros (per year)
Previous team: Atletico Madrid
New team: AS Monaco
Nationality: Colombian
Age: 27
Short Biography: Falcao has already proven to be one of the most prolific forwards in the game and he has done it in many occasions over the past few years. He started impressing in Portugal while playing for FC Porto, a club where he arrived in 2009. He scored a total of 72 goals in 87 games for the current Portuguese champions, exactly between 2009 and 2012. A tempting offer from Atletico Madrid made him move to the Spanish capital (40 million euros plus 10 million depending on objectives), and once again, he showed his flawless composure when it comes to hit the back of the net, as well as his nose for goal. This summer, he decided to join another project, but this time he went to France to play for AS Monaco, who just got promoted to “Ligue 1“.

Radamel Falcao, AS Monaco new jersey for 2013-2014


#4 – Neymar
Transfer fee: 57 million euros
Salary: 7 million euros (per year)
Previous team: Santos FC
New team: FC Barcelona
Nationality: Brazilian
Short Biography: He was one of the most wanted players in the market, but few clubs had the ability to convince him to come to Europe as Barcelona had. After making himself become a true idol in Brazil, Neymar Jr. has decided that this summer was the right time for moving to the “Old Continent” and face the biggest challenge he has had so far in his short career. Exactly one year away from the Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014, Neymar is regarded as his country’s biggest talent these days and with that, he holds an entire nation’s dreams and expectations on his shoulders. Moving to Barça right away will allow him to get a taste of the differences between South American football and European football. He’ll have the chance to play alongside a legendary Barcelona team, surrounded by what many regard as being one of the best football teams to have ever played this game. Xavi, Iniesta and Lionel Messi will surely give Neymar a warm welcome and help him to adapt to “La Liga” as quick as possible. The transfer fee involved in the signing of this 21-year old Brazilian prodigy was said to be around 57 million euros.

Neymar, Barcelona new jersey for 2013-2014


#5 – Mesut Özil
Transfer fee: 50 million euros
Salary: 7 million euros (per year). Earning £140.000 per week.
Previous team: Real Madrid
New team: Arsenal
Nationality: German
Age: 24
Short Biography: Mesut Özil is one of those cases of a true raw talent on the pitch. The German international joined Real Madrid back in 2010 and during his 3 seasons wearing a Merengues shirt he has proven to be one of the best midfielders of his generation. He’s often described as a classic number 10 as many like to point out, due to his finesse and game-reading capabilities. He got to score 27 goals in 159 matches for Real Madrid in the last 3 years and he leaves the club in the last day of the transfer window in a sort of a shocking manner, as almost everyone both at the club and outside the Bernabéu weren’t counting with such news. Arsenal have signed the German National Team number 10 for a 45-million euros fee (+5 depending on objectives) and have high hopes on Özil to lead them for the much-ambitioned titles that Arsene Wenger have been failing to deliver in the past years.

Mesut Ozil, Arsenal new jersey for 2013-2014


#6 – James Rodriguez
Transfer fee: 45 million euros
Salary: Unknown (Probably ranging from 5 to 8 million euros per year)
Previous team: FC Porto
New team: AS Monaco
Nationality: Colombian
Age: 22
Short Biography: Similarly to his fellow countryman Falcao, the current number 10 of the Colombian National Team started shining in Europe while wearing an F.C. Porto jersey. With an incredibly talented left-foot, the 22-year old has helped commanding the Portuguese team’s midfield in the past few years and with his performances, he convinced AS Monaco to bank on him and take him on board to the French club’s new project of ruling “Ligue 1” and Europe. James Rodriguez signed for the Monegasque club for a 45 million euros transfer fee, which made him one of the highest selling ever in F.C. Porto‘s history.

James Rodriguez, AS Monaco new jersey for 2013-2014


#7 – Fernandinho
Transfer fee: 40 million euros
Salary: 6 million euros (per year)
Previous team: Shakhtar Donetsk
New team: Manchester City
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 28
Short Biography: He’s the oldest player to make it this top 10 ranking list of the most expensive football players in 2013-2014. With 28 years old, Fernandinho switched the cold Ukraine for England and will certainly try to dominate the midfield at Manchester City in the years to come. He has been playing in Europe for a long time already as he arrived to Shakhtar Donetsk in 2005, when he was still a 20-year old youngster. After 8 seasons playing for the Ukranian side and after having accumulated a reasonable amount of experience in several UEFA Champions League editions, Fernandinho‘s recent performances for the Brazilian National Team seem to have convinced Manchester City to open their wallet and take a leap of faith with this former Atletico Paranaense player. He’ll be playing for Manuel Pelegrini‘s side right next season, after City decided to pay 40 million euros for his services…

Fernandinho, Manchester City new jersey for 2013-2014


#8 – Gonzalo Higuaín
Transfer fee: 40 million euros
Salary: 6 million euros (per year)
Previous team: Real Madrid
New team: Napoli
Nationality: Argentinian
Age: 25
Short Biography: Gonzalo Higuaín joined Real Madrid CF when he was only 19, in a 12-million euros deal made with River Plate. During his 7 seasons as a Real Madrid player, the Argentinian scored 122 goals in 264 games, with his best season being the year when Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at the club (2009-10), as he got to score 29 goals that season, 27 of those in the Spanish League. Over the last years, Higuaín has been a target of some unfair criticism together with Karim Benzema, which has eventually led the Argentinian to open his mind and willingness about leaving the club. Several clubs like Arsenal FC or PSG have tried to sign him during this summer transfer window, but Higuaín ended up choosing Napoli‘s project, who paid 37-million euros (+3 depending on objectives) to bring him to Italy.

Gonzalo Higuaín, Napoli new jersey for 2013-2014


#9 – Illarramendi
Transfer fee: 39 million euros
Salary: 3 million euros (per year)
Previous team: Real Sociedad
New team: Real Madrid
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 23
Short Biography: Asier Illarramendi is probably one of the signings for which more people still doubt if he is really worth what was paid for him. Real Madrid signed this 23-year old midfielder for a 30 million transfer fee, hoping that he slowly starts filling in for Xabi Alonso in the first team. He has played for Real Sociedad his whole career thus far and is yet to become international for Spain, which is understandable if we have in mind the quality of midfielders that are at disposal of the Spanish National Team coach. The Basque player has played 54 games for Real Sociedad‘s first team in the past 3 seasons, but didn’t manage to score a single goal yet. He’ll be wearing the number 24 jersey at Real Madrid and will have a hard task in convincing the fans he’s worth his price tag.

Asier Illarramendi, Real Madrid new jersey for 2013-2014


#10 – Mario Götze
Transfer fee: 37 million euros
Salary: 7 million euros (per year)
Previous team: Borussia Dortmund
New team: Bayern Munich
Nationality: German
Age: 21
Short Biography: 37 million euros! That’s how much it took for Bayern Munich to steal his rival’s biggest star: Mario Götze. The German international has let down his fan base in Dortmund and announced he would be signing for Bayern Munich just a few days before the UEFA Champions League final from last season, that took place between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Even though his previous fans won’t ever forgive him, he’s expected to become Bayern Munich‘s future, as well as to lead the German National Team to similar success to what they’ve had in the past decades. As a Dortmund player, he only scored 22 goals since he made it to the first team 4 seasons ago, but that alone didn’t seem to have been enough for Bayern Munich to get less tempted on signing him. He’ll be playing under Pep Guardiola‘s orders this year and he’s certainly a player to keep watching closely as we approach the dawn of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Mario Gotze, Bayern Munich new jersey for 2013-2014


#11 – Marquinhos
Transfer fee: 35 million euros
Salary: 6 million euros (per year)
Previous team: AS Roma
New team: PSG
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 19
Short Biography: Marquinhos was the youngest player making it to the most expensive transfers (2013/2014) so far. Aged 19, the Brazilian centre back came to Europe just one year ago, to play for the Italian side AS Roma. He played 26 games in the “Serie A“, which was more than enough for PSG to immediately make a strong investment on him. The French club signed the 19-year old defender in a 35 million euros deal, hoping that he either ends up making a successful partnership with Thiago Silva, or eventually even replaces him if Silva ends up being sold this summer.

Marquinhos, PSG new jersey for 2013-2014


#12 – Fellaini
Transfer fee: 32 million euros
Salary: 7 million euros (per year)
Previous team: Everton
New team: Manchester United
Nationality: Belgium
Age: 25
Short Biography: United fans have been patiently waiting for a big signing this summer but the best they ended up getting was last-minute deal with Everton to sign their star midfielder Marouane Fellaini-Bakkioui. The Belgium player was transferred for 32 million euros, but the truth is he doesn’t really meet the fans expectations and aspirations for a big name signing, who could and up having a big impact in this team. The 25-year old has built a good reputation for himself during his 5 Premier League seasons at Everton FC, from which he scored 25 goals out of 141 games. He’s also a regular for the Belgium National Team, with 42 caps and 7 goals on his count so far…

Fellaini, Manchester United new jersey for 2013-2014


#13 – Isco
Transfer fee: 30 million euros
Salary: 2 million euros (per year)
Previous team: Malaga
New team: Real Madrid
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 21
Short Biography: Real Madrid usually sees their own signings featuring on the top of these sort of lists, year after year. So far and with roughly a full month ahead to still lock up any further deals, the Merengues will have to settle with #8 on the ranking for the most expensive football transfers for 2013-14Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez, mostly known as simply Isco, had a terrific season last year, leading Malaga to a 6th place in La Liga and to the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals, where they ended up falling at the hands of Borussia Dortmund. Isco has started playing for Valencia back in 2010, moved to Malaga the year after and fulfilled his dream of playing for Real Madrid just 2 years later, costing Florentino Pérez a modest amount of 30 million euros.

Isco, Real Madrid new jersey for 2013-2014


#14 – Erik Lamela
Transfer fee: 30 million euros
Salary: 4 million euros (per year)
revious team: AS Roma
New team: Tottenham
Nationality: Argentinian
Age: 21
Short Biography: Shortly after Gareth Bale‘s move from Tottenham to Real Madrid was almost a done deal, Spurs have rushed to the market in seek of a perfect but cheaper replacement. They are hoping to have found that man in their signing of AS Roma‘s Erik Lamela, a player for who they have had to pay a 30-million euros fee. The Argentinian is surely a different type of player if compared to Bale and even though he had a great season with AS Roma last year, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be capable of filling Bale shoes in Tottenham and with that, winning important matches all by himself as the Welsh has done for numerous occasions. Time will tell if André Villas-Boas got to pick the right “horse” for this season…

Erik Lamela, Tottenham new jersey for 2013-2014


#15 – Roberto Soldado
Transfer fee: 30 million euros
Salary: 5 million euros (per year)
Previous team: Valencia
New team: Tottenham
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 28
Short Biography: The former Real Madrid and Valencia CF forward has gone into his first career adventure abroad, as finally left the scene in La Liga to join the always exciting English Premier League. With an impressive record of 207 games and 101 goals scored in the Spanish League during his passage for clubs such as Real Madrid, Osasuna, Getafe and Valencia, the 28-year old forward will bring a great share of experience to the Spurs, but also the certainty that goals will arrive on a regular basis. He’ll probably be competing for one attacking spot with the likes of Emmanuel Adebayor and Jermain Defoe, but so far, AVB has been picking the Spaniard over his teammates as the first choice for Tottenham‘s attacking front.

Roberto Soldado, Tottenham new jersey for 2013-2014


#16 – Henrikh Mkhitaryan
Transfer fee: 27.5 million euros
Salary: Unknown (Probably ranging from 2 to 3 million euros per year)
revious team: Shakhtar Donetsk
New team: Borussia Dortmund
Nationality: Armenian
Age: 24
Short Biography: By far the biggest Armenian football star these days, Henrikh Mkhitaryan won’t have an easy mission in replacing Mario Gotze at Borussia Dortmund. The 24-year old got transferred from Shakhtar Donetsk to Borussia, after seeing the German club paying for him 27.5 million euros. He’ll be one of Jurgen Klopp‘s main choices together with the Turkish Gündogan, for being in charge of organizing and dictating the tempo of the 2011-12 German champions. In Donetsk, Mkhitaryan scored 38 goals out of 72 games for Shakhtar, but only 2 of those were scored in European competitions. In Germany he’ll be facing the biggest challenge of his career, but judging from what we’ve seen him doing for Shakhtar, he won’t have any problem in adapting to his new team’s playing style.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Borussia Dortmund new jersey for 2013-2014



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