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Gamification – All you need to know

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In most cases, online casino players will often come across the phrase “gamification” or “gamified”. You can usually come across these terms when you are reading about real money internet gambling sites.

There is no doubt that the word is strange and it hasn’t been around for that long. As you play best online slots for real money, you are bound to come across different casino terms. And knowing these terms will make you win real money and earn a lot of credit by the amount of your gaming turnover. On that note, let’s quickly highlight the real meaning of the term “Gamification”.

A Brief Background of Gamification

The term might sound very new to you, but the word “Gamification” is actually as old as the hills. There are many scenarios whereby this word was used without you even noticing. Back in the days when people wanted to teach their kids, they make use of the gamified approach. This was in order to increase engagement and make growing up and learning fun. 

However, non-gambling social video games have a very long combined element of tracking progress, challenging players along with a good rewarding process.

It is a norm for people to socialize, compete, and express their views and to maintain a good status amongst their peers.

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Dynamics in Gamification

In gamification, there are quite a number of dynamics as well as gaming mechanics. These used to elicit emotions, propel engagement along with inspiring loyalty. These mechanics are available for you to have the real understanding of this gaming concept especially when you are playing at a casino.

The Game Mechanics

The game mechanics that you need to know include:
· Points
· Levels
· Missions
· Badges
· Leader boards
· Unlocks

Above all, in reality gamification is an initiative of online marketing methods that will inspire users to involved with a certain product or service.  Keep in mind that each gamified casino online like johnnykash carries its own gaming concept.


How gamification is changing online gambling

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