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The best casinos in Europe in 2017

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Playing in the best casinos in the World is almost like a dream to many gamblers out there. However, it’s no secret to anyone that none of the top-class casinos are located in Europe, but rather in Las Vegas (US) and Asian countries.

For those who are European and can’t go on a trip to Las Vegas or Asia, there are still a few good options to try out “inside borders”. We compiled a list with the best casinos in Europe to visit and gamble in 2017, so don’t think twice if you ever come near any of them!

1. Casino Estoril – Portugal

This casino is located in Portugal, in Estoril, near the capital Lisboa. It’s very well decorated and besides all that it offers in terms of gambling, it’s definitely also a good place to go eat as well. There are more than 1000 slot machines in the casino, as well as the classic roulette, blackjack, poker and other table games. This casino also offers a loyalty player card for free, which allows visitors to earn credits every time they play. It’s by far the most popular casino in Portugal, competing with the casinos in the north of Portugal (Espinho and Póvoa), and the one in the south (Vilamoura).

2. Monte Carlo Casino – Monaco

It’s one of the biggest casinos in the World and it’s located in Monaco, a principality. In architectural terms, the building represents very well a mixture between “Belle Époque” and modern styles. It’s one of the most luxurious casinos we can find out there and one of the places where visitors gamble more money. We can find multiple unique slot machines that can’t be found anywhere else and it’s also where the European Poker Tour Grand Final is hosted each year. In any case, if you can’t find your luck in Monaco, you can always try Harrah’s casino bonus code and hope for the best.

Monte Carlo casino in Monaco

Monte Carlo casino in Monaco

3. Sanremo Casino – Italy

The Sanremo Casino can be found in Italy and is the country’s oldest casino. It attracts players from all over the world and it offers an experience that transcends the typical gambling activity. Culture and gambling go hand-to-hand here and it’s certainly worth the visit for those who value the cultural dimension in a casino.

4. Casino Gran Madrid – Spain

The Spanish capital is also represented in this list thanks to their very own Casino Gran Madrid. It’s located in Madrid’s surroundings and it’s comprised of meeting rooms that host multiple congresses and parties. Players can find the typical games inside the casino, from slot machines, to blackjack, poker, roulette, etc. However and unlike many other casinos out there, visitors are required to present their IDs before entering the casino and in case of non-EU residents, you’ll have to present your passport.

5. Salzburg Casino – Austria

The Salzburg Casino is operating in Salzburg, in Austria. It was built inside an old castle, inspired in the classic Versailles castle we can see in many historical movies. In it, you can find pretty much everything when it comes to gambling and thanks to its classical architecture, it’s widely regarded as one of the most beautiful casinos in the World.

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