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3 moneysaving tips when traveling from Orlando for business

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Traveling for business can be a soul-destroying exercise. From the trials and tribulations associated with getting to and through your local airport, to the thought of seeing the inside of yet another corporate hotel room, it’s enough to have you bashing yourself repeatedly over the head with a briefcase.

When you add in the snake-like lines at check-in and security, and the throngs of unpleasant people, what should be a smooth business trip can quickly turn into the journey from hell. Of course, there are some good points associated with business travel.

Quite often, you’ll be visiting a new city or country. You’ll typically meet some new (and occasionally interesting) people. And, if you plan it properly, you can treat your time away from home and the office as something of a mini-vacation. But if your organization holds on to the purse strings tighter than Scrooge with rigor mortis, or if you’re self-employed and keen to save a buck or two, it can quickly become more of a money saving exercise than a productive business trip. However, this needn’t mean the fun is sucked out of it.

By following our three top moneysaving tips below, you can save you and your business some important dollars—and it’ll look great on your record, Golden Boy, especially when you’re finally ready to go for that big promotion!

Saving money tips when travelling

Saving money tips when travelling

  1. Shop around for airport parking

The first obstacle you must negotiate is the airport. The last thing you want or need in this situation is to have to haul your luggage on and off public transport. That’s why we recommend taking your own vehicle and shopping around for a great deal on airport parking. The easiest way is to use the Orlando Airport parking comparison service to get the most bang for your buck.

  1. Choose a less favoured airline

When you fly from Orlando, you have a number of operators to choose from—and it often pays to go for one of the more hated airlines. Why? Because they’re cheap! For instance, Spirit Airlines is especially despised, but if you know what you’re getting in to before you fly, things should run smoothly, as long as you remember to print your own boarding passes and only take carry-on luggage … which leads on nicely to our next tip.

  1. Only take carry-on luggage

It still mystifies some airlines why passengers would want to take luggage on their trip, which is why so many operators will charge you for checking your baggage. But you’re much too smart to let their policies catch you out. All you have to do is take carry-on for your business trip, but remember that you can also take some additional approved items depending on the airline (umbrellas, laptop bag etc).

Now it’s your turn …

Do you have any moneysaving tips you can share with our readers for their next big business trip? Please let us know in the comments below—we’d love to hear from you.


Holding money in one hand

Holding money in one hand

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