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4 ideal timesavers for your business

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Time is money – and all your cash will disappear like a well-trained illusionist if you don’t invest in time-saving products for your business.

This is especially true if you’re a small business, where most staff members are stretched thinner than a supermodel in the 90s.

Without the ability to trim a few corners to get the job done, you’ll find yourself and your employees working long hours and needlessly burning the midnight oil.

In the long run, focusing on tasks which clutter your working day will result in decreased productivity and the kind of staff motivation usually reserved for funeral homes.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of capsule suggestions that will help you save more time for the important aspects of your company.

Send your payroll to the Cloud

The payroll is one of the most important tasks for your HR department, but it’s also one of the most time consuming. In the bad old days, a large company would take days calculating the regular payroll of its staff, resulting in a finance team with nothing else to do.

But the rise of technology has made manual processing of payrolls look about as dated as the abacus. And now many companies have superseded the need for a finance department entirely.

This is thanks to payroll outsourcing, provided by companies like SD Worx. This allows you to have your payroll processed remotely, and any changes to it can be made automatically via the Cloud.

That means you can alter your personnel no matter where you are in the world, just by operating your tablet or laptop.

Flexibility like this will give you the chance to make changes on the fly, and reduce the number of HR staff you require.

Time is money - Clock representation

Time is money – Clock representation

Plan ahead

A business that doesn’t plan ahead is like a plane that doesn’t fly. In an ideal world, most of the operations of your business will have a yearly plan attached to them, otherwise you won’t move forward.

However, a plan is no use if you don’t share it with your employees. Planning and task management software like Smartsheet is the ideal way to apportion time and share your business operations with everyone in your organisation.

Moreover, Smartsheet will allow you to see what tasks your workers have, letting you quantify their productivity.

Reduce the working week

Many studies have shown that reducing the working week by a day can actually increase productivity levels in workplaces.

This seemingly counterintuitive strategy has been tried, with great success, in many Nordic countries and led to a fresher and more active working environment.

Try it yourself to see if it can increase effectiveness amongst your employees — nothing ventured, nothing gained.

That’s our list! What time-saving techniques do you use in business? Let us know in the comments below!


Productivity engine

Productivity engine

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