Truck accidents and speeding

Truck accidents – More costly than you could imagine

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We may tend to overlook the negative impact caused by truck accidents, especially if we live in a city where cars are far more abundant. However, looking at some data that was provided to us by the “New York State Department of Motor Vehicles”, we immediately felt alerted to some of the numbers that were presented.

In a study focused on New York in the year of 2013, there were 11.452 truck accidents reported, which averages 31 crashes on a daily basis. The costs in terms of human lives goes up to 105 deaths, while 5.194 couldn’t avoid getting out without an injury. The main causes for these type of accidents are the driver’s inattention and not keeping a safe distance to other vehicles on the road. Surprisingly, exceeding the speed limit only ranks as 5th in this list.

Here’s the full report where we can take a closer look at these numbers and better assess the impact these accidents can bring on to a big city like New York.

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