The top 20 clubs ranking for higher incomes from football transfers

The top 20 clubs that made more revenues from football transfers

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The “Football Observatory” recently published a report where they ranked the top 20 clubs that have cashed in more money over the past 5 years (from 2008 until 2014). The clubs getting featured on this list were exclusively picked from the main leagues of the following 5 countries: Spain, Italy, England, France and Portugal.

It may come as a surprise the fact that football club leading this ranking isn’t exactly a powerhouse in the sport. We’re talking about Tottenham Hotspur, a club that sold Gareth Bale to Real Madrid for a transfer fee around 100 million euros just last summer, a sum that represents close to 33% of their total income/revenue made from selling players since 2008. They may not have the richest football players in the game, but they sure made a lot of money with transfers over the past years.

In second place comes Real Madrid, precisely the richest football club in the world according to a ranking published by Deloitte on February of 2014. The Spanish giants are more known for their spending sprees and high expenditure rather than for actually making good revenues out of their assets (players in thise case), but somehow they still managed to reach the second place of the list.

The last place of the podium was taken by FC Porto, the 2-times European champions from Portugal. Unlike the biggest teams from the 3 top leagues in Europe, FC Porto lives on a completely different reality when it comes to manage their main assets. In order to be capable of facing their high salary budgets, the club is constantly forced to sell their best football players. Fortunately for them, their President, Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, is regarded as one of the best negotiators this sport has ever seen.

The top 20 clubs with more revenues from football transfers from 2008 to 2014:

#1: Tottenham Hotspur
Country: England
Transfers’ incomes: 322.1 million euros

Sevilla jersey shirt 2014


#2: Real Madrid
Country: Spain
Transfers’ incomes: 303.7 million euros

 Real Madrid jersey shirt 2014


#3: FC Porto
Country: Portugal
Transfers’ incomes: 282.7 million euros

 FC Porto jersey shirt 2014


#4: Liverpool
Country: England
Transfers’ incomes: 239.8 million euros

 Liverpool jersey shirt 2014


#5: AC Milan
Country: Italy
Transfers’ incomes: 229.5 million euros

AC Milan jersey shirt 2014


#6: Inter Milan
Country: Italy
Transfers’ incomes: 224.9 million euros

Inter Milan jersey shirt 2014


#7: Udinese
Country: Italy
Transfers’ incomes: 220 million euros

Udinese jersey shirt 2014


#8: Arsenal
Country: England
Transfers’ incomes: 207.9 million euros

Arsenal jersey shirt 2014


#9: AS Roma
Country: Italy
Transfers’ incomes: 203.4 million euros

AS Roma jersey shirt 2014


#10: Valencia
Country: Spain
Transfers’ incomes: 202.7 million euros

Valencia jersey shirt 2014


#11: Sevilla
Country: Spain
Transfers’ incomes: 202.3 million euros

Sevilla jersey shirt 2014


#12: Palermo
Country: Italy
Transfers’ incomes: 184.8 million euros

Palermo jersey shirt 2014


#13: Genoa
Country: Italy
Transfers’ incomes: 184.6 million euros

Genoa jersey shirt 2014


#14: Atletico Madrid
Country: Spain
Transfers’ incomes: 184.3 million euros

Atletico Madrid jersey shirt 2014


#15: FC Barcelona
Country: Spain
Transfers’ incomes: 182.1 million euros

FC Barcelona jersey shirt 2014


#16: Benfica
Country: Portugal
Transfers’ incomes: 174.3 million euros

Benfica jersey shirt 2014


#17: Manchester United
Country: England
Transfers’ incomes: 164.7 million euros

Manchester United jersey shirt 2014


#18: Fiorentina
Country: Italy
Transfers’ incomes: 160.4 million euros

Fiorentina jersey shirt 2014


#19: Chelsea
Country: England
Transfers’ incomes: 159.4 million euros

Chelsea jersey shirt 2014


#20: Manchester City
Country: England
Transfers’ incomes: 154.4 million euros

Manchester City jersey shirt 2014


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