How did the markets open in 2014?

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The U.S. stock market closed the day falling on Friday January 31, 2014.

According to the long-term pattern that we are following, the stock markets are near the end of the long-term pattern of growth.
The markets are a few weeks or a few months before achieving their maximum, which can be achieved this year and depends on the speed of the final climb. While the stocks are achieving a new top value, precious metals are doing a new bear value, both patterns are significant in the long term.

Our analysis indicates that the U.S. market is in the final stage of the formation of a giant year maximum, visible in a 10-year chart. This pattern is the third and final upward and the speed of its growth will determine its end, the top value can happen in 2014. In that top the Dow Jones can always register new highs at around 17,500 points and the S&P500 can reach levels of about 1900 points. The end of this rally is expected to generate a maximum value that will be missed for a long time.

In Gold and Silver markets, it’s going on one more step to complete the decline that began in September 2011, it’s the best buying opportunity of the decade in precious metalsCheck out the latest update on precious metals here on this site.
When this down trend finishes in the coming weeks, it will be followed by a sharp rise and gold may reach new all time highs driving upwards of $ 2,400 per ounce and silver up of $ 50.

The Gold on the Comex has resistance at $ 1318 and support at $ 1,242 to $ 1,233.

The Gold and Silver are increasingly taking the place as currency with intrinsic value. Are refuge and protection at various levels, including tax.

The S & P 500 has resistance at 1800 and 1814 points and has support at 1779 and from 1768 to 1764.

In forex, the euro dollar has resistance in the $ 1.3620 $ 1.3650 and support at $ 1.3310 and $ 1.3370. Stay connected here for all currency trading info. 

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