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Most 2020 anticipated movies

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We all enjoy some entertainment as it helps in relaxing our minds. Movies are one great way to spend your time, relax your mind and have some fun just like gambling at best real money casinos.

Waiting for something can be unbearable. There are some movies that people could not wait to watch in 2020. Well, welcome to the year where all you waiting has to come to an end.  Here are some movies that you waited to get into cinemas this 2020.

Bad Boys for Life

Actions fans agree that bad boys 1 and 2 are interesting movies that still excite many audiences. Well, the good news is that there is another one coming featuring will smith and Martin Lawrence after almost 17 years the boys are back with a bang. All those waiting for this movie should know that the wait is over as the movie will be opening on January 17.

A Quiet Place

The first version of this movie made noise all over the world and it was recognized as one of the best movies of 2018. Now the sequel to this movie was something fans could not wait for as they wanted to see how Emily Blunnt (Evelyn Abbot) will survive looking for a new safe house, just like jeu casino. This movie is going to be released on March 20.


Horror fans were probably looking forward to Grudge. A remake of the popular Japanese movie about a ghost who is out for vengeance. This movie starring Andrea Riseborough is coming out in January.


There are some movies that we simply watch because of our favorite actors. Robert Downey Jr, popularly known as Iron Man is one of the most popular and loved superhero characters. Well, he is the lead actor in the anticipated movie Dolittle opening on January 17. All the kids are going to love this movie.

Birds of Prey

Margot Robbie is loved for her amazing role in the popular movie the Suicide Squad. Well, this time she joins Birds of Prey an all ladies team. This action movie is all about the ladies fighting off the gangster black mask. All those waiting patiently for the movie should know the wait is almost over as the movie is opening on February 7.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Most video game lovers were looking forward to this movie starring the king of comedy Jim Carrey. This movie is opening on February 14.


Sonic the Hedgehog – Movie

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