How small businesses are struggling against Covid-19

Tips to Run your Business During Lockdown

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In a space of a week the world went from a do not panic state to a state of a total lockdown. The novel coronavirus is spreading like wildfires making everyone in the world to stay home and walk around wearing mask. But can the same be said about businesses. Businesses can’t wear masks or stay at home. Rather, there is money to be made and it has been tough time for most businesses in the world.

With locked inside their home, australian online pokies businesses out there are on downward spiral and that has been really bad.

Well, if you have been running a business or still running one in the middle of a pandemic surely you should read these tips.

Protect and Protocol

As much as companies want to increase their profits and make more money, it is essential that they protect and protocol. All they need to do is to follow the government orders and protect their employees. The Covid-19 pandemic is real and it has claimed the lives of many people. Therefore, this is the time to adopt new ways of working and make use of new technology. Consider working from home and save lives.

Front door sign of a closed business
Front door sign of a closed business

Liquidity and Plan

Companies like new online casinos should consider and ensure adequate liquidity in a bid to weather the corona virus storm. There are various questions you need to ask your team, some of these questions include; do we have contingency plans? Can we withstand some poor quarters if the economy sinks?

All these questions must be addressed if you want to run your business during lockdown and curfew time.

Pay your Taxes

To make sure you are not owing the authorities any money. This will make your business to stay afloat in the midst of a pandemic. You don’t want have any debts when things get back to normal. Therefore, make sure you pay your taxes and run your business smoothly during lockdown.


The struggle businesses face to survive Covid-19
The struggle businesses face to survive Covid-19

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