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5 department stores with good credit cards

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If you’ve ever thought about opening a store card, you’ve probably thought about your favorite department store. Many stores now offer their own lines of credit, not all of them offer good interest rates or benefits. We’ve put together a list of five department stores that actually have good credit cards.

1. Target

How does a 5% discount in store, free shipping online, and thirty extra days for returns sound? Target’s RedCard offers all of these benefits and more, making it one of the top department store cards to choose from.

There is no annual fee for using the RedCard either, so you don’t have to worry about an extra charge on your card at the end of each year. As a RedCard holder, you’ll get early access to exclusive sales and products as well.

Overall, the RedCard offers some of the best benefits of any department store card. Considering that Target stores often have a grocery section as well, you can apply that 5% discount to your food purchases as well. Who doesn’t like a discount on food?

The store does offer an open-loop credit card that you can use anywhere, but the Target-exclusive card offers better benefits. If you’re looking for a great store credit card, this one is right for you. Target is one of the nation’s top retailers and offers a great customer service experience for its shoppers.

2. Nordstrom

If you love fashion, look no further than the Nordstrom credit card. Nordstrom has clothes and accessories for everyone in the family, and with the store credit card, you can get amazing deals and discounts year-round.

With a Nordstrom card, you’ll get early access to their annual anniversary sale, as well as the “Clear The Rack” sales. In addition, you’ll get invites to exclusive member-only events, including beauty and style workshops and Nordstrom fashion events.

The card also gets you access to free basic alterations to any clothing you buy in the store, curbside pickup, and their “reserve online try in store” option, where you can reserve clothing and try it on before anyone else gets it.

The Nordstrom card is the perfect option for any fashionistas out there who are looking for great deals on trendy styles, as well as early access to sales and events.

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3. JC Penny

If you’re looking for great rewards in a credit card, you’re looking for the JC Penny Credit Card. You’ll get 20% off select items in-store, and 5% off certain appliances and electronics.

In addition to these savings, you’ll also get 1 reward point for every dollar you spend on qualifying items. For every 200 points you earn, you’ll receive a $10 reward certificate to use in the store.

This is a great card to have when the school year starts up and your little ones need all new clothes. JC Penny as a great selection of children’s clothing, as well as men and women’s, so you can shop for the whole family in one trip.

4. Macy’s

If you’ve ever shopped at Macy’s, you know that their products are of a higher quality, with a price to match. While they’re certainly not the least expensive retailer, their prices are reasonable and the Macy’s Credit Card has some great benefits for its members.

The Macy’s card has three levels of membership: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each tier has extra benefits than the one below it and requires an annual spending amount in order to stay within your tier.

The Silver tier only requires you spend $500 per year at Macy’s, whereas the Platinum membership requires $1,200 + yearly. Your spending habits will determine which card is right for you.

The card offers special discounts and savings for each tier, free shipping only when you reach Gold status, and a 5% back in rewards once you’ve reached Platinum. Overall, the card is a good choice for those that shop frequently at Macy’s.

5. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is one of the largest retailers in the nation, with thousands of locations and a department for everyone. The Kohl’s Charge Card is a great way to centralize your spending at your favorite retailer and earn rewards for shopping there.

With your Kohl’s card, you’ll get access to member-specific savings and sales, as well as an anniversary gift each year. After you’ve spent $600 on your Kohl’s card, you’ll be considered an MVC, or “most valued customer” and be able to access free shipping and a special gift just for you.

In addition, you’ll be part of the Yes2You rewards program, where you can earn one point for every dollar you spend, with a $5 reward certificate for every $100 you spend. The store offers great payment options as well, via either their mobile app or through their online account manager.

Why Should I Consider A Store Card?

Store cards are a great way to centralize your spending to your favorite retailers and make managing your lines of credit a little easier. In addition, many store cards offer great benefits and member-specific discounts that can save you more money in the long run.

Remember to read all of the fine print when signing up for a card, and be sure that paying off a monthly balance (with interest) is within your budget. Also, be aware of late fees and annual fees so you don’t get any surprises on your account statement.

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Credit cards play the most important role in shopping

Credit cards play the most important role in shopping

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