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Hand checking rule in NBA explained

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Some will say this is the rule that changed the NBA forever and that is very true. Hand checking is easy to miss an untrained eye. Hand check is actually a defensive manoeuvre that is made on the ball handler. This is whereby a defender can actually extend an arm and use his hand to initiate contact with the ball-handler.

If you are an NBA player or fan of basketball, you need to be very aware of the rules of the game. This is actually the pinnacle of the game. And by knowing exactly what hand-check is you will then have a general idea what is expected as a defender and how you can tell if your match-up is playing according to the rules or is practicing illegal defence.

What is a Hand Check in NBA?

A hand check is when one player uses his hand on an opponent so that they can impede a movement by extending a hand. A defender on the ball handler can only do this. In the event that you are defending the ball, you have a breathing space on how best you want to contain your match up.  Nevertheless, this can only be at the referee’s discretion. It is good that in online pokies new Zealand gaming there are no fouls, rather there are many ways of winning real money.

The Penalty for Hand Checking

Hand checking is a very weird foul. This is a personal foul for a player that has committed a foul. In the event that a team committed more than 5 personal fouls in a period, the opposition team will have a bonus play and will get to shoot free-throws adding to their points.

In addition, if a single player commit 6 personal fouls the officials will “foul out good online casinos game and they will be disqualified from the match. They will then sit on the bench unless the expelled by the match official. Above all, you can’t deny the hand check influence especially on isolation defence. It surely force defenders to play off the ball handler more and at the same time rely on other skills to refute offensive progress.

Sources: nba.com

Michael Jordan hand checking
Michael Jordan hand checking

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