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Immigration is key to economic growth in the US – Here’s why!

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Immigration is often viewed and talked about in a negative light. However, there’s a big difference between illegal immigration and legal immigration.

Legal immigrants have been helping to boost the economy around the world for decades. The UK, Germany and the US have all greatly benefitted from immigration. However, with changes in government, fewer immigrants have been welcomed; particularly in the US in recent years. Here, we’ll look at why immigration is key to economic growth in the US.

Immigrants contribute more towards the economy

One of the major misunderstandings about how immigrants affect the US economy, is that they take more than what they put in. The reality is, immigrants actually contribute more towards the economy than what they receive.

However, it’s important to note that this depends upon the generation of immigrants. First-generation immigrants are known to cost the economy more according to reports. However, second-generation immigrants are the ones contributing more into the economy. They’re better educated and come with sought-after skillsets which help to boost the US economy.

Economic growth and immigration road signs

Economic growth and immigration road signs

Helping to fill skills gaps

Many people mistakenly believe that immigrants are coming to America and stealing jobs. However, immigration is actually helping to fill skill gaps. In particular, they are helping to fill tech skill gaps which is actually crucial to today’s economy.

According to studies, by 2020, there will be over one million computer jobs than there are applicants to fill them. This shows just how valuable tech-savvy immigrants could be to the country’s tech development.

Immigrants are known to start more businesses

Interestingly, immigrants within the US are known to start up more businesses than US-born citizens. With the right help and advice from qualified immigration lawyers, immigrants are helping to drive up the US economy, creating thousands more jobs for the American people.

Helping to tackle the falling birth rate

Another issue immigration is helping to tackle is the falling birth rate. This has become a problem in both the UK and the US, with fewer women giving birth than ever before. This is leading to an aging population, guaranteed to hit the economy hard.

Immigrants however, are helping to bring a more youthful population and are increasing the birth rate statistic.

These are just some of the way immigration is helping to boost the US economy. There are a lot of negative misunderstandings surrounding immigrants choosing to set up home in the US. President Donald Trump has been especially vocal about reducing immigration and giving American jobs back to the American people. However, if you look at the statistics, it’s clear to see immigrants actually do more for the economy than most even realise.

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