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5 Things all successful people do well

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From waking up early to doing yoga in the park at lunch, there are many things that it’s claimed you need to do to become successful. While some of these are true and have clear benefits, others are myths (if it’s raining you won’t be doing outdoor yoga every day, surely?) and can be ignored. Here we’ve pulled together five genuine things that all successful people do which can help you on the path to greatness.


1. Expand Their Circles

Nobody can get to the top on their own and a lot of the most successful people tend to be extroverts. That’s why they are constantly willing and seeking out new opportunities to expand their circles, both professional and personal. Whether it’s attending networking events with the aim of finding likeminded business individuals, or simply introducing yourself to people at parties, the bigger and more varied your circle, the more opportunities it can provide. Step outside of your comfort zone and speak to different people, those you wouldn’t normally, to achieve true variation.

2. Focus on Productivity

Successful people always seem to be busy and that’s usually because they are. However, rather than finding things to keep them busy and wasting time in an effort to appear successful to others, they will focus on using all their time productively. Instead of spending time working for the sake of it and setting themselves a goal of doing eight hours, they will plan out what needs completing first, focus on that and consider how long it takes afterwards. Reward yourself for getting work done and not spending time working.

Puzzle bridge to success

Puzzle bridge to success

3. Manage Personal Finances

You may think successful people are either born into money or quickly amass it through good business moves. While this may be true in some cases, another factor is that they simply stay on top of and manage their personal finances well. Whether it’s budgeting for personal needs and sticking to it or making the most of investment, loan and other financial opportunities and tools, those who can organise their own funds have a greater chance of running any business smoothly.

4. Live a Healthy and Balanced Life

It’s not all work for those who are the most successful though, otherwise many would soon burn out. If you were to work 18-hour days this would involve a lot of sacrifice; your health, social life, relationships and leisure time. To live as humans, we need all these things, which is why creating a good work/life balance is genuinely essential. Making time for exercise, seeing loved ones, engaging in hobbies and having time to simply relax away from work are things all successful people enjoy too.

5. Set and Measure Targets

How do you know when you’ve become successful? You need to set a goal with steps to reach it and measure your progress along the way. This could be a financial goal for you personally or your business earning a set amount, a sales goal of selling a certain number of products or anything else appropriate. Having a set aim allows people to track whether they’re on target and adapt if not, learning from mistakes.

If you can incorporate these five traits into your personal and professional lives, then you should have a greater chance of becoming successful.

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