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Second-chance products for customers with bad credit

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Bad credit history is more common than most people think. It’s estimated one-third of American consumers have a poor credit score, or roughly 68 million people. While poor credit is generally considered a scarlet letter in the eyes of businesses and financial institutions, there is a sector which considers bad credit as a chance to do business with someone. These “second-chance establishments” specialize in servicing those with less than perfect credit when it comes to accessing financial instruments and other opportunities.

What Are Second-Chance Establishments?

Second-chance establishments are businesses that are willing to take a take a chance on people who have less-than-perfect credit profiles. There are second-chance apartment complexes, auto dealerships, banking institutions and so forth. For example, Blue Trust Loans is a provider of cash advances to those with poor credit histories. These establishments are willing to overlook a consumer’s previous mistakes. Bad credit consumers have an opportunity to use the services from these businesses to re-establish themselves as responsible debtors. You can find these establishments by conducting an online search. Using the term “second chance” does help. However, you will have to do a little bit of research to find legitimate establishments.

Bad loan deals

Bad loan deals

How to Qualify for a Second Chance

You will not need to have a cosigner to qualify for a second chance auto loan, personal loan, mortgage, or apartment. However, you will have to be of age, and you will probably have to show proof of steady income. Another good thing for you to have is a healthy down payment. Money talks, especially when your credit is not up to par. You’ll be more likely to get an approval if you can offer a couple of thousand dollars down on a vehicle or an apartment.

Some second-chance establishments will offer you products at a higher interest rate. It’s the price you have to pay sometimes to get back in good standings. It’s not unusual for such a provider to have a high APR. However, you do need to educate yourself on how much interest is too much. If you educate yourself, you’ll be less likely to fall into a trap and more likely to choose a great provider.

What to Lookout For

There are many second-chance opportunities for you, but you do have to watch out for scams and bad deals. You should conduct a ton of research before you get involved with any second-chance personal loan provider or auto finance provider. Make sure that you are doing business with a legitimate institution and read reviews so that you know how these companies treat their customers. Make sure that these institutions are abiding by the laws, and always take time to think about such a deal before you sign on the dotted line.

Now you should be able to find a reliable provider. If you do your research and take your time, you should have no problem finding a reputable second-chance option for yourself. Once you get second opportunity to prove yourself, you’ll be back to having excellent credit in no time.


Second chance stores

Second chance stores

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