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Work and study balance

How to easily balance studying and working as a student

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Even though your final paper is due in tomorrow, your revision sessions have not been completed, your coursework is missing a few key elements, and your struggling to find your research for your exam, the world still expects you to have a bit of money in your pocket to pay your way. It’s a cruel world, but that’s just how it is! No one said being a student would be easy, and there are a lot of external factors that make it a whole lot harder for you. But you don’t need to crumble, there are ways to balance the different aspects of your life in a calm and collected way. It might be hard to see that when you are rushing around trying to complete all of your classes to a high quality standard. But there are even ways to adequately balance studying and working for a steady income as well. That may sound absolutely ridiculous to you given your current situation, but trust me when I say that there is a way to do it. All you need before you begin to apply these little tips, is determination and focus. You’re not going to be able to balance anything in your life if you don’t have these two ingredients. But if you do have these two things inside you and you are looking for the methods of balance that will help you see through your studies with a bit of money in your pocket, you have come to the right place!

Sell things

One of the main ways a lot of students end up making a bit of money when they are in school is to sell things that they own. Given that you are a particular age, you should have accrued a number of things over time that you don’t really need anymore, things that are gathering dust in your closet! Well, don’t let them sit there any longer, get them out and dust them off! There’s a myriad of ways to sell things now, you can obviously take things to a pawn shop or sell them at a local market or something. But a much easier way of selling your things is to put them online. There are a lot of sites, some of which you probably know very well that you can sell your wears on. If the things you are selling are of value, then you should start to see a bit of attention being shown to them. All you need to do is wait for the right price. If you have a lot of clothes they are also easily sold online. Set up a selling site that has a look of retro, vintage things and sell them from there. You are sure to get some attention if the stuff is looking good enough on your profile.

Working and studying together

Working and studying together

Work online

There’s a whole list of jobs that you can do whilst simply surfing the net. We are at a technological peak in the modern day, and we can transfer just about anything over the world wide web, the same goes to for any skills that you have. Say for instance you enjoy writing and are particularly good at it. There are a whole load of sites dedicated to freelance writing for college students. These sites list a multitude of one-time jobs that you can do in order to earn a bit of money whilst still studying. They just require a bit of your time to research the company you are writing for, and find out what sort of writing style you should inhibit that will suit their brand. Search freelance resume writing jobs online and you are sure to find a multitude of jobs that suit your writing style enough for you to apply for them. Once you get a few going, you will then look a bit more professional and can loan your services out to multiple companies.

It’s not that hard to balance succeeding in your studies, and making a bit of money on the side. There are a whole load of options for you if you are someone that likes writing or creating things. All you need to do is find those networks that are offering jobs out and make sure you present your best work to them. If you do this, someone is sure to snap you up in no time!


Working and studying in adult life

Working and studying in adult life

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