Saving money when traveling

6 ways to save money on your holiday

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During the summer months, plenty of us have one thing on our minds. Escaping everyday life and getting some much needed rest and relaxation. The trouble with holidays though is that they can be expensive, leaving you with a lighter mind, but a much lighter bank balance too.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways that you can save money on your holiday. Some are obvious, some not so much. But all of them are great tips on making the burden on your wallet that little bit easier to bear.

Try and bargain with the travel agent

Not all travel agents are open to a bit of bartering, but you may find that independent stores and those that work with the hotels etc direct might be. Give a bit of bargaining a go, particularly if you are booking a last minute break whereby they would rather fill the space, and you may find yourself getting a rather impressive bargain. If that approach doesn’t work, you can always try a dirty dancing slot machine to see if luck knocks at your door.

Don’t be tempted by the frills

This is true for flights, whereby you will find plenty of additional extras that you can add into your flight itinerary. In the most part these seat selection and priority boarding can add money to your price, and if it doesn’t matter to you where you sit, or who with, then there really is no point paying out for this.

Every coin counts when saving money

Every coin counts when saving money

Borrow a house

If you want to see a new place as well as save money, then it might be a good idea to try out a house borrowing site rather than your usual hotels. There are plenty of websites out there that will give you access to someone’s home for the week or the weekend. You get the benefit of staying somewhere for a little amount of money, and they get the benefit of knowing that someone is in their home whilst they are away.

Opt for your own excursions

There is a good chance that you will want to get out and explore the area once you arrive in your destination. This is why plenty of people decide to book in on the arranged excursions that hotels and travel agents offer. However, these can be expensive, and most the time it is just as easy to organise it all yourself.

Never ever open the minibar

You will often hear people joking about not opening the minibar in hotels, but the truth is that this can be a costly mistake. There is a huge charge for some of the items that you can get out of a minibar, and you are likely to find exactly the same crisps or bottled water at a local store, for a fraction of the price.

Eat bigger meals at lunchtime

You may be surprised to learn that meals out abroad are often cheaper at lunchtime then they are at dinner. So, make sure that you take advantage of this when you are planning what you are going to eat. In fact, this is often something that you will see the locals doing, which means that it might be the right idea for you too!

These are just a few of the ways that you can try to save money on your holiday. Remember, saving money doesn’t mean that you have to have a rubbish break, in fact, you may find that taking the time to plan and think about things means that you have an even better time.

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Saving money in the piggy bank

Saving money in the piggy bank

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