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The ECA’s new deal and the future of payment solutions

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ECA And Passport Technology To Revolutionize Gambling Payment Systems

Partnerships have been rife in the financial community in recent times, and as of June, the European Casino Association (ECA) and Passport Technology have become the latest firms to join forces. Passport Technology is a specialist in digital payment solutions, covering numerous land-based and online casino systems that assist in streamlining gambling payment processes.

The firm’s new deal with the ECA is wide-reaching, covering most of Europe and Britain. However, Passport Technology also boasts a global scope with its attended payment kiosks, server-based analytics, cash access systems and interactive payment options.

Through the new deal, Passport Technology will now be able to offer its unique services to the thriving European gambling market – a move that is expected to revolutionise the accessibility of convenient and modern payment systems across the continent.

The ECA’s latest partner has its head offices in London, where it supports many financial services, gambling markets, and worldwide payment systems. Now that Passport Technology has become an official partner of Europe’s casino authority, the firm will have complete access to all of the ECA’s events and operations in the future, and will collaborate with the association on new payment solutions throughout the duration of the partnership.

Online payment methods

Online payment methods

New Payment Systems Expected To Keep Market Thriving

Through this new partnership, Passport Technology has become part of the massive European gambling landscape that the ECA was established to oversee and manage. Both parties have the same vision now: to build a healthy and lucrative gambling market in Europe by offering futuristic technologies that will make cash payments easier and safer than ever before.

Of course, the new partnership is also strategic on the ECA’s part. The association requires cooperation from every facet of the gambling industry to manage it effectively, and modern payment systems are crucial in creating a thriving market. Passport Technology’s secure and interactive payment solutions are expected to attract and maintain thousands, if not millions, of European players, while providing them with reliable services and fair rewards. This will no doubt improve the gambling industry’s cash flow, and also its reputation among local punters.

Per Jaldung, the Chairman of the ECA has noted that the association looks forward to working with Passport Technology to maintain the ECA’s strict policies on the integral use of money and responsible gambling in the industry, while also curbing money laundering. He expects the partnership to produce solutions that are both strong and responsible, created by collaborations between reputable operators and suppliers.

Chairman of Passport Technology Scott Dowty also gave his thoughts, saying that his firm is excited to be working with the aforementioned suppliers and operators to produce safe and reliable payment products for the European market.

Ground Breaking Payment Solutions Revealed

While the ECA and Passport Technology’s deal is focussed on Europe for the moment, innovative payment solutions are never confined to just one region for long. Successful innovations are expected to filter through to regions like Canada very soon thanks to the massive influence of the European industry, and some of Passport Technology’s own creations may be included.

Currently, the company already offers ground breaking solutions through its CashValet platform, which offers advanced features like ValetFund and Funds Accelerator with built-in responsible gambling and security systems. Crypto-currency systems may also be on the horizon for Passport Technology, and with Canadians already embracing Bitcoin, these solutions could appear in Canada even sooner than expected.

Aside from this partnership, there can be no doubt that the future of payment solutions is dawning at a rapid rate. Making gambling payments via smartphone is becoming consistently easier thanks to the powerful capabilities of new mobile devices, and even smart-watches are now being optimised as portable payment systems through advanced financial apps.

The Future of Payments Explored

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have remained popular too, and as Bitcoin’s value has skyrocketed in recent months, hitting an all-time high of above $2,900 in May, Canadian players can expect to see droves of casinos moving to accept crypto-currency payments and withdrawals to suit a modern audience.

There are also many other technologies being developed to make payments simpler, and Passport Technology may well be at the forefront of this movement in years to come. Biometrics and fingerprint scanning are already in the works, with Business Insider hinting in March last year that fingerprints may soon become the new bankcards.

There are even talks of skin-implanted micro chips, called RFID chips, being used for financial transactions in the near future, with some chips already being available on the market now.

Regardless of what the future holds for payment systems, Canadians won’t have to wait long to find out, as the future of transactional technology is already visible on the horizon – and the ECA’s partnership with Passport Technology is sure to speed the process along even further.


Online gambling payments

Online gambling payments

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