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The best sites to look for jobs

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The vast majority of people who finish their degrees end up looking for websites where they can find jobs offers. Even though each country/region may have specific publications, newspapers and platforms where it may be easier to find the job you’re looking for, the following list of websites is definitely something to keep in mind on an international level, with a particular focus for those who live in Europe or in the US. However and in the case you can’t find your dream job on any of the following sites, our advice is to simply try your luck with some of those 888 casino free bonus out there and just put your destiny in the ball of a spinning roulette!

1. Monster.com

It’s one of the most popular jobs sites in the world, with a very intuitive platform that prevents visitors from getting lost in the process of a job seek. The homepage couldn’t be more simple. Once you land on Monster.com, you just have to type in the job name you want to search and the location that suits you. With nearly 10.000 job searches by the minute, they live by a very self-explanatory motto: “We connect people and job opportunities”.


2. Eurobrussels.com

For those who aspire working in an European Union organization, EuroBrussels should be your first stop. You can either look at the job listing panel, or use the search box to narrow the offers according to your job title and your country/city. After that, all you have to do is to send your application and wait for a response. However and as an advice, don’t lose your time sending your application if you don’t meet the requirements for the job in question.

Finding a job on a newspaper

Finding a job on a newspaper


3. Careerbuilder.com

Similarly to Monster.com listed as #1 on this list, CareerBuilder.com is also one of the biggest job sites across the globe, driving an average of 14 million unique visitors per month. Besides the typical search engine for finding a suitable job according to keywords and locations, it also allows people to simply submit their “resumes” and then wait to get approached by an employer. On a monthly average, CareerBuilder.com posts 3 million jobs and it’s one of the best hopes for young people to find a job.


4. JobRank.org

This website doesn’t focus in any region in particular and once you open it you’re presented with a world map in order to pick the continent where you’re interested in finding a job. It’s a directory site providing a search engine to its users, as well as reviews and rankings to each job they have featured in their system.


5. Glassdoor.com

Glassdoor.com is most likely the site driving more traffic on this list. It’s the perfect place to either look for a job or publish a job offer. It offers multiple services like company reviews, salary reports, interview reviews, and many other. It’s really one of the best job sites you can find on the internet these days and also one of the more completes out there. It’s headquartered in California and it was launched back in 2007.


Sources: reviews.com / cnn.com

Find a job button on a keyboard

Find a job button on a keyboard

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