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The top 5 biggest online gambling companies in 2015

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The online gambling industry has been thriving for about twenty years. And in the past two decades, there have been a number of companies that have emerged and eventually begin to dominate the online gambling landscape.

These companies run the gambit from older companies who got their start in the late 1990s as well as newer companies that have only been on the scene for about a decade or so. Regardless of how long they have been dominated the landscape of this industry, they have been many interesting events to make it to the top.

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Betfair banner on a horse race

Betfair banner on a horse race

In the meantime, check out the Top 5 Biggest Online Gambling Companies in 2015:

** William Hill

This company is worth approximate $5 billion and they are the oldest company on the list, with over 80 years in the gambling industry. The company is named after it founder William Hill, who began accepting bets because of a loophole present in London gambling ban that was in effect at the time. What sets this company apart from its competition is its decades of experience in brick and mortar gambling industry which has given them the experience needed to dominate the world of online bettering.

** Paddy Power

This company is worth bout $3 billion and they are considered to be the biggest gambling company in all of Ireland. Besides providing their clients with excellent service, they are also known for their fantastical marketing campaigns which has landed them in hot water on more than one occasion.

** Amaya Gaming Group

This company is worth approximately $3 billion and they are the biggest online Canadian gambling company. Unlike the other companies on the list, this operation is made up of an investment group with a knack for purchasing undervalued assets and turning them into successes.

** Playtech

This company is worth about $3 billion and, by volume, is considered to be the largest online gambling software provider. They are well known for their online casino game section, but they have offerings in other areas like poker, sports betting, and bingo as well.

** Betfair Group

This company is worth about $2 billion and when it comes to fixed-odds sports betting sites, Betfair is considered to be the best of the best. Their popularity is in large part for putting a market in places where players could offer and accepts wagers instead of only dealing with fixed-odds packages. This ingenious move has led to them being the biggest online betting exchange.

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