Are you sure you want to Gamble

Are you sure you want to Gamble?

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Imagine you are about to enter a casino and right at the door a man looking like Morpheus from the movie Matrix stops you and offers you two options i.e. two pills. The blue pill or the in terms of the casino the go back, ensures you wake up the next morning in your routine life having spent money only on a taxi fare and a good meal. The red pill or the going inside the casino options opens up a whole new world of options as to how you and where you wake up the next morning. Some of the options are quite crude: on a sidewalk, at your doorstep or in your bed with no recollection of what happened and a sickening hangover. The other options are in a motel, at your home or in a luxury hotel room with amenities even Bond does not have access to.

The silver lining in the red pill option is that you may or may not have made money and there is also the eventuality that in the desire to make more after losing some you actually lost all that you had and are now broke and had to be thrown out of the casino. You could also have had lady luck shine on you and made a fortune on any of the gaming options at the Casino.

Online casinos can’t throw you out, but the negative scenarios can still play out in the same fashion. The casino business has been the most glamorous cover up of a festering wound in the history of moneymaking. The glam, the glitz, the booze, the girls, the shimmer all hide the fear that lies underneath it all, that you are there to help people make money by loosing money and the entire staff of the casino will smile and applaud you while you do it. An online casino won’t have the physical constraints but they too have the ability to suck your pocket and accounts dry with the lure of easy money minting schemes. There also several fake and phishing online casino websites where, once you have logged in and made and account at, you can rest assured that you accounts will be hacked and not just you but several people in your address book will hear from them via email to come and join and help them spread their thieving tentacles. There are great genuine websites too.

If real money casino online sites were all about the positive effect and help people get rich quick, they would have been called free charity centers and there would never have been any movies detailing out the shady underworld nexus that Casinos once had. It’s not all bad news when it comes to Casinos you can always have a good time whether online or in a real Casino and the chances of winning are good to if you have a level headed approach. There are numerous stories of people having made a fortune with a few dollars in hand, so the please don’t think of a casino as a gate to hell, however to ensure that your money stays with you it is best advised to used logic and avoid blatant use of alcohol. Will you win or loose you ask? Well, that’s a question I suggest we leave to the one person we can leave it to… God.

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