The most valuable sports in the World

The top 10 most valuable sports teams in the World, in 2013

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Earlier today, Forbes has come out with their new ranking list for the most valuable sports teams in the World, in 2013. There aren’t many changes compared to the last year report, but one of them has to do precisely with the ranking leader. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid replaced Manchester United as the World’s most valuable sports team in the World, as the Merengues currently hold a value estimated to be at 3.30 billion USD. The Red Devils didn’t go beyond the 3.17 billion USD. The podium is completed by Barcelona, another soccer team that made it to the top of this list. The Blaugrana will also be able to count with Lionel Messi and the new Brazilian superstar Neymar, for the upcoming 2013-2014 season.

The full list released by Forbes actually comprises a total of 50 sports teams. From those teams, 30 of them (60%) belong to the NFL, while the rest is spread amongst organizations and sports such as the NBA, MLB, Formula 1, Nascar and soccer in general. The average franchise value on this year’s rankings is roughly 1.24 billion USD, which represents an increase of 16% when compared to last year’s figures.

An interesting note would be the fact that the 4th soccer club that still made it to the top 10 list is Arsenal. Arsene Wenger’s team has been miles away from finding success and the much-wanted titles over the past years, but somehow the Gunners still seem to provide and present enough assets to appear in such an illustrious top 10 table. American football (NFL) and Baseball (MLB) are the other two sports/organizations represented on this list of the most rich clubs and sports franchise in the World.


#1 – Real Madrid
Current value: 3.3 billion USD
Biggest star: Cristiano Ronaldo
Sport: Soccer
Country: Spain

Real Madrid wallpaper for 2013-2014


#2 – Manchester United
Current value: 3.17 billion USD
Biggest star: Robin van Persie
Sport: Soccer
Country: England

Manchester United new jersey for 2013-2014


#3 – Barcelona
Current value: 2.6 billion USD
Biggest star: Lionel Messi
Sport: Soccer
Country: Spain

Barcelona new jersey for 2013-2014


#4 – New York Yankees
Current value: 2.3 billion USD
Biggest star: Derek Jeter
Sport: Baseball (MLB)
Country: United States

New York Yankees vintage wallpaper, from 1938


#5 – Dallas Cowboys
Current value: 2.1 billion USD
Biggest star: Tony Romo
Sport: Football (NFL)
Country: United States

Dallas Cowboys, NFL wallpaper for 2013-2014


#6 – New England Patriots
Current value: 1.64 billion USD
Biggest star: Tom Brady
Sport: Football (NFL)
Country: United States

New England Patriots, NFL wallpaper for 2013-2014


#7 – Los Angeles Dodgers
Current value: 1.62 billion USD
Biggest star: Adrian Gonzalez
Sport: Baseball (MLB)
Country:United States

Los Angeles Dodgers, MLB baseball wallpaper for 2013-2014


#8 – Washington Redskins
Current value: 1.6 billion USD
Biggest star: Robert Griffin III
Sport: Football (NFL)
Country: United States

Washington Redskins, NFL wallpaper for 2013-2014


#9 – New York Giants
Current value: 1.47 billion USD
Biggest star: Eli Manning
Sport: Football (NFL)
Country: United States

New York Giants, NFL wallpaper for 2013-2014


#10 – Arsenal
Current value: 1.33 billion USD
Biggest star: Jack Wilshere
Sport: Soccer
Country: England

Arsenal new jersey for 2013-2014



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